Green Technologies Ltd. specialises in technical studies and construction to offer integrated services and solutions in the field of renewable energy, solid and liquid waste management as well as environmental licensing of projects and activities.

Green Technologies Ltd. aims to provide satisfied customers with an integrated approach and address their needs by offering specialized scientific advice and services. The commitment and continuous effort to provide quality services to our customers reflects the philosophy and personality of Green Technologies Ltd., a credible, dynamic and socially responsible company.

Scientists with considerable experience work at Green Technologies Ltd. and the company has a multiannual collaboration with the University of Patras to be able to provide scientifically sound and up-to-date solutions, technologically covering many customers' specialised needs. Company facilities include technological equipment such as computers, printers, plotters and numerous of calculating and drawing programs. Company staff and external collaborators work in groups and monitor each project separately, thus providing customers with all essential information on the progress of implementation.