Studies for Renewable Energy Projects

Irrigation and Drilling Studies

  • Final study of Irrigative Project of Kalamia – Voutsimo, Prefecture of Achaia, Greece
  • Final study of Irrigative Project of Selitsa, Prefecture of Achaia, Greece
  • EIS for irrigation and water drilling

Environmental Impact Studies for Industries

Environmental Impact Studies for Stock Farms

Environmental Impact Studies for Hotel Accommodation

Environmental Impact Studies for hospital Units

Wastewater Managment and Disposal Studies

  • For industrial plants
  • For bakeries
  • For hospitals
  • For biological cleaning units

Monitoring the Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Design and Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Constructions of Underground Disposal Areas for After Τreatment Wastewater

Other Technical - Environmental Studies

  • Technical Study of Inventory of gas pollutants, solid waste and wastewater from industry and emissions by the central heating in the Region of Western Greece
  • Technical Study for the recording and evaluation study of basic ecological parameters of Koutavos lagoon and the ground ecosystems in the area of Koutavos lagoon in Kefalonia island
  • Technical Study to investigate the feasibility of Kato Kastritsi’s sludge disposal in the sludge treatment installation sewages of University of Patras and cost estimation of sewerage works
  • Technical Study for the qualitative and quantitative analysis and the determination of the treatment methods of dye - finishing - laundry waste in Prefecture of Achaia, Greece
  • Technical Study for the assessment of the environmental status of Marina in the Prefecture of Achaia, Greece

Spatial Planning Studies

  • Hypsometrical study of histοrical centre of Vonitsa, Greece

Building Studies

  • According to Law 4178/2014
  • According to Law 4014/2011
  • According to Law 3843/2010

Establishment and Operation Licenses