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About Us

Green Technologies Ltd was established in 2010 with headquarters in the city of Patras. It is about a company of engineers and consultants, undertaking technical studies and construction on behalf of entities of the private and public sector. Green Technology Ltd takes over fieldwork, as well as supervision and construction of selected projects. It is equally active at the European level in the field of research and technological development.


Scientists with considerable experience work at Green Technologies Ltd The company employs permanent workers with the following specialties: Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. At the same time, it is engaged in a long-term collaboration with the University of Patras, so that can be able to provide modern and scientifically documented solutions covering technologically, even the most specialized needs of its customers.

The company's human resources are the most important part of it. The high level of education of the staff, combined with their experience, aid in the effective implementation of the study and consulting services provided. The company's facilities are equipped with modern technological facilities, consisting of computers, printers, plotters and a large number of computing and design programs.



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The company has significant experience in Greece and abroad in matters of protection, management and promotion of the environment, through its participation in national and European projects. Its activities include the preparation of studies and the provision of consulting services covering the entire spectrum of the environmental sector and civil engineering services.

The experience of its executives amounts to 25 successful career years in the following fields:

  • – Liquid waste
  • – Solid waste
  • – Environmental Impact Studies
  • – Wastewater Treatment
  • – Renewable energy sources
  • – Environmental management
  • – Energy Inspection
  • – Civil engineering services  

Our vision

Our aim is to ensure satisfied customers through a comprehensive approach by addressing their needs, providing them with specialized scientific advice and services. The commitment and continuous effort to provide quality services to our customers demonstrates the philosophy and personality of Green Technologies Ltd, a reliable, dynamic, and socially responsible company.


Patent is the intellectual property right over an invention, which can be related to a product, a method, a process, a material, etc.

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