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Electronic Building Identity


Electronic Building Identity

The purpose of the electronic identity of a building/divided property is to record the existing state of the building or the divided property, as well as to monitor and control any changes that occur during their lifetime (Greek Law 4495/2017).

It is a necessary procedure that accompanies any real estate transaction, excluding leases. It concerns all properties that have been erected or are going to be erected with a building permit, as well as all settled properties.

Our company with authorized engineers undertakes the collection of the necessary supporting documents and the completion of the building/divided property identity. Then, the building/divided property identity extract is issued, which includes the details of the plot and property registrations and carries a unique building/divided property ID code and authenticity key. Finally, after payment of the reimbursement fee by the project owner, the engineer of our company issues the Certificate of Completion of the Building Identity/Divided Property.