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Design of Innovative Pilot Units

Green Technologies Ltd specializes in designing, developing and implementing pilot plants for waste treatment with simultaneous material recovery and energy production.


Pilot Units

The company has designed and developed a pilot facility, as part of a research, which has been used with complete success:

– for the processing of biomass originating from the waste of agricultural and livestock activities such as two- and three-phase olive mills, cheese factories, cowsheds, etc.

– for the co-processing of expired food with used nappies of children and adults with the possibility of recovering materials through the utilization of the biodegradable organic fraction of waste but also the production of domestic hot water.

Automated pilot anaerobic co-digestion system

The automated two-stage anaerobic digestion pilot system includes:

A) two feed tanks,

B) a 200L volume triple wall acidogenic reactor (main reactor, water jacket, insulation)

C) a triple wall methanogenic reactor of volume 2m3

D) a solid-liquid separator

E) a biogas burner, placed in a container, for hot water production

Automated Pilot System for Fermentation, Anaerobic Digestion and Photosynthetic Utilization of Liquid Effluents

The automated pilot system includes:
A) 316L stainless steel wet fermentation bioreactor, total volume 6.5 L, active volume 5 L, with water circulation jacket and stirring system, for the production of organic acids and hydrogen
B) 316L stainless steel methanogenic bioreactor, total volume 40 L, active volume 30 L, with water circulation jacket and stirring system, for biogas production
The Bioreactors have a control unit with two integrated peristaltic pumps for automatic pH control and automatic agitation control. Also connected to the control unit via a cable are a Hamilton L220 Arc pH Sensor and a PT100 Temperature Sensor.
C) Panel-type photobioreactor for the cultivation of microalgae and cyanobacteria, total volume 50 L, active volume 40 L
The Photobioreactor has a LED lighting system with manually controlled intensity of photosynthetically active radiation.
D) Monitoring and control software installed on a computer to monitor and control the operation of the pilot system.

The above system can be used either in total or in parts to meet the existing needs.