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Innovative Pilot Equipment for Rent

Green Technologies Ltd has designed and manufactured innovative units that can be used for pilot applications.


Pilot Units

The following pilot equipment for conducting experiments and tests is available for renting by our company:

Biomass pretreatment system including: (1) shredder BB-230 from BLIK, (2) crusher PG400 from MEGALAB SA, and (3) mincer JMS 130 from MEGALAB SA.

Automatic 2-stage pilot system of two-stage anaerobic co-digestion, including:

(a) two feed tanks,

(b) a 200L triple-wall acidogenic reactor (insulated main reactor with water jacket for temperature control)

(c) a triple-walled methanogenic reactor of volume 2m3and

(d) a liquid – solid medium separator.

Continuous, pilot-scale composter (A500 Rocket Composter from Tidy Planet Ltd).

The composter has a total feed composting capacity of 300 liters per week, a retention time of 14 days, a forced aeration of 0.1 L s-1 L compost-1and the ability to continuously monitor the temperature at four points along its length.

Biogas burner, placed in a container, for hot water production

All pilot equipment can be placed in a container and transported.