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Arbitrary Arrangement

Greek Law 4495/2017 and provisions of Greek Law 4759/2020 enable property owners with arbitrary buildings or arbitrary changes of use by paying a fine, to regulate the violations of their property.


Arbitrary Arrangement

Arbitrary construction is defined as any construction or installation, which is carried out or has been carried out without the required building permit or in excess of it or in violation of the applicable urban planning provisions or based on a permit that has been revoked or canceled (Greek Law 4495/2017).

Arbitrary constructions and changes of use installed before 28.7.2011 fall under five categories (Category 1-5) according to Greek Law 4759/2020.

Our company with Certified Engineers undertakes the recording of violations or arbitrary constructions on your property, calculating and informing you of the amount of the fine. Afterwards, the declaration is submitted to the Management System of Declarations of Unauthorized Buildings of Technical Chamber of Greece along with the required studies and plans. Finally, after the necessary financial payments, our engineer issues the Certificate of Final Incorporation in Greek Law 4495/2017.